Former GLI President Steve Higdon joins NBA2LOU Board

Former GLI President Steve Higdon joins NBA2LOU Board Eight Local Municipalities Formerly Support NBA2LOU Initiative New Study Ranks Louisville Near Top for NBA Expansion Louisville, Ky. - August 7, 2018 - Steve Higdon, former CEO of Greater Louisville Inc. and current chief development officer at Private Client Services, has joined the board of directors of [...]

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Report: Louisville among best U.S. markets to host a pro sports team

Check out Wave3's coverage of  report commissioned by the mayor of Richmond to study that city's major league sport potential. The consulting firm Hunden Strategic Partners looked at market size, wealth, population growth and other factors. Louisville ranked 2nd on the list of cities ready to host a major league franchise and 4th on their [...]

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It would be good if local cities support the NBA for Louisville

Audubon Park city councilor Andrew J. Klump's op/ed piece in the Courier-Journal calls for support of the NBA2LOU movement.

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Taxpayers won’t have to pay to bring NBA to Louisville, Dan Issel says

Dan Issel said taxpayers won't have to do any lifting to bring an NBA franchise to Louisville, a sentiment that echoed what Mayor Greg Fischer and state officials recently said regarding the need for private investment to fund the venture. The CJ's coverage of Dan Issel's address of the Louisville Forum can be found here.

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NBA to Louisville? Local investors say it’s our turn

Check out Louisville Business First reporter Marty Finley's take on the NBA2LOU movement. "NBA hall-of-famer Dan Issel did not mince words Tuesday morning while addressing members of the Greater Louisville Inc. Top Investors program at the Omni Louisville Hotel."

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Would Louisville be a good destination for a possible NBA relocation? The city believes yes

Check out's article about NBA2LOU's contribution to making Louisville the NBA's next franchise home.

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NBA Expansion talk picking up since arena deal finalized

SBNation's Seattle Supersonics site,, discusses Louisville's preparations for an NBA bid and how that effects Seattle and other NBA hopefuls. The league’s formal position on expansion is going to be “no” right up until the day it becomes “yes”. There will be no warning. There will be no transition period. On the day that answer [...]

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Sports Illustrated Reports on Investment Group Seeking to Lure NBA Team to Louisville

Sports Illustrated's Scooby Axson reports on NBA2LOU's work toward an NBA franchise in Louisville. "Commissioner Silver said the NBA would be flattered that Louisville wanted a team,” former NBA player Dan Issel said. “He said right now there is no timetable for expansion. That will be their stance until they start accepting applications. ... What we [...]

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