Why We Want the NBA2017-08-28T15:37:52+00:00

Other than simply enjoying the entertainment value, Kentucky stands to benefit from an NBA franchise across the board.


Bringing an NBA team to Kentucky could heavily stimulate the economy across the entire Commonwealth. The creation of new jobs, potential to attract outside dollars and additional income tax dollars would benefit the entire state of Kentucky — not just the city in which the NBA team is hosted.

Case Study: Seattle and OKC

When the Seattle Supersonics relocated to Oklahoma City and took the OKC Thunder moniker, financial repercussions were felt in both markets. Seattle’s economy decreased by over $12M dollars, while OKC’s economy generated an additional $526M the year after rehoming the NBA team. Since the move, OKC has seen a 7% increase in revenue over pre-NBA levels. And that’s not to mention the $100M in merchandise sales. Ticket prices for OKC Thunder games average out at $52 and have consistently sold out for two years running. The low cost-of-living and growing population in Oklahoma City was a large factoring when moving the franchise. Sounds a little familiar, doesn’t it?



A high tide raises all ships. The addition of an NBA team in Kentucky would spark pride in our Commonwealth and prove that Louisville is truly a World Class City.

“I know Vegas gets a lot of chatter about NBA expansion, but they’ve also talked about — because of the basketball tradition in the state — putting a team in Louisville, which would be really interesting.”

Chris Cillizza, Washington Post